Year 6

Summer Term 23

The Y6 topic for summer term is Evolution and Inheritance and the class will be looking at The Origin Of Species retold by Sabina Radeva. They will read this together as a class and this will also inspire their writing. As well as looking at evolution, they will also be researching animal habitats in science, whilst in geography they will be looking at natural resources in around the world and how this leads to trade links being set up.

As part of their evolution topic, Y6 will be visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park after their SATS to enjoy an evolution workshop and a walk around the animal habitats.

In Art, the children will be mastering sketching, specifically looking to master creating depth and movement.


The children are already working hard and are well under way in preparation for their SATS. We try to make the SATS week as fun as possible for the children and do our best to keep their routine as normal as possible.

If you would like to do any further practice at home, please see below some useful links. The children all have their passwords to use this resource.