What have our foundation unit been up to?

Once upon a time, in EYFS, there was a mystery to solve! Who had eaten the Gingerbread man and what was that smell? 

After a bit of detective work the children worked out that the naughty fox had eaten the Gingerbread man! As for the smell, that was coming from one of the visitors that had come to meet us. We had some special friendly visitors come to help us learn all about them.

Flower the skunk was the cause of the smell, but the hero of the day was the Gecko who could stick to windows. The children experienced holding the animals and learnt facts about them. The F2’s were able to meet and groom more animals on their trip to Aston Springs Farm. 

In maths we are understanding fewer and more. We have had lots of fun helping George catch bugs and then say which jar has more or fewer in.


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