Teaching and Learning

At Kingston Park Academy, we aim to provide a wide range of high quality learning experiences which allow children to develop academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We aim to promote the mastery of basic skills and encourage children to grow as life long learners.

Pupil achievement is continually monitored so that extra support can immediately be given where any pupil is seen to require this. The needs of our pupils are always at the forefront of our minds.

We teach, wherever possible, through enhanced cross-curricular topics, although we do teach discreet literacy and numeracy lessons where appropriate. Our topics are planned to be exciting and vibrant, often using the pupils own questions as starting points. All of our topics start with a WOW event, such as a visit out or a visitor in school, or a themed day to capture pupil interest and maximise engagement. Pupils are encouraged to present their learning in a variety of ways and often end a topic with a reflection event, inviting parents in to share in their learning.

We encourage parents to support their child’s learning through homework, activity days, fund raising events and celebration assemblies.