Young Journalist Academy - SIngle Use Plastics

Single Use Plastic

On 27th December 2018 Damian Hinds the Education Secretary set a challenge to all schools to “eliminate their use of single use plastic by 2022.”

Kingston Park pupils decided they needed to understand the issues around the environmental damage caused by single use plastics items such as: straws, cling film, plastic bottles, carrier bags and packaging. As participants in the exciting Young Journalist project, a broader programme of work coordinated by the Education Endowment Foundation and the Royal Society for the Arts, they decided this would be best achieved by interviewing an experienced diver - Paul Tarn. Mr Tarn as Chief Executive of Delta Academies Trust, was encouraged to talk about his experiences as a diver and probed further about what he thought schools across the Trust could do to tackle the issue of single use plastic.

Brandon Tait, one of the Year 5 reporters, was impressed when Mr Tarn stated “One of the things I try to do every time I dive, if I find anything like plastic bags or anything I try to bring it out of the water with me. So I’ll roll it up and put it in my pocket because I like to think I’ve left the ocean a little bit cleaner than when I got in.” He went on to encourage the children to publicise this important message and help other young people understand how they can help protect the environment.

The full interview can be seen via this link to the Young Journalists Website: