Year 6


Mrs Law - Year 6 Class Teacher


Hello my name is Mrs Law. I have enjoyed working with my class so much that I have moved with them to year six! They are an enthusiastic, energetic and creative class who: enjoy maths (especially singing and dancing to times tables); bringing history to life as they experience life as a World War 2 evacuee;  creating narrative that is brought to life with adventurous vocabulary and work.  Equally, they work enthusiastically as a team to support each other outside the classroom competing hard to represent their school at cross country and in football. 


The children are active and curious learners and their enthusiasm is reflected in the efforts that they put into all aspects of their work.  Their pride in their work is reflected in the beautiful and imaginative presentation displayed in their books. As Year 6’s the class realise that this will be indeed a challenging year for all of us, but as a class they are determined to reach their true potential together – no one will be left behind!


They also plan to support the wider school community this year leading as Anti-bullying Ambassadors and encouraging others to be the best that they can be. 


 Mr Keogh - Teaching Assistant


My name is Mr Keogh, this is my first year at Kingston Park Academy and I am enjoying my time here.

I have a dog called Max and in my spare time I work in football.






Our topic this term will be:-

'Darwin's Delights'








This term Y6 will be following Charles Darwin on his exciting expeditions on the HMS Beagle. We will explore how the unique animals of the Galapagos Islands helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection. We will create our own scientific investigation to test Darwin’s theory about the evolution of beak size in the Galapagos finches.

Understanding how animals adapt to their environment over time we will explore local habitats and the species that reside in them. Further developing our scientific skills we will contribute our own data to a European research project into banded snails.

We will travel back millions of years, examining fossils to see what inhabited Earth in the distant past. After which we will transport ourselves into the far future to consider how humans may evolve in years to come!

At home you can share in the experience with your children. Why not take a trip into your back yard or to the local park and hunt for snails. Have they got bands down their shells? If so how many? Record what you find and bring it into school.



Other topics we have covered this year are:-







We will discover the mysterious worlds of the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations. Make their chocolate, learn about their legends and curious rituals and play their ballgames. Mexican masks, music and meals will be made in order to delve into and experience this rich culture. 

We will explore the diverse landscape by reading novels set in the Mexican desert and researching the geographical variations that span the country. We will learn about the festivals, traditions and languages of Mexico and how these have been influenced by natives and Spanish conquers alike. 

We will use our research skills to uncover interesting facts, historic events and what daily life is like in Mexico. We will share this knowledge with each other using drama, song and poetry. 

At home you can share in the experience with your children. Why not prepare some traditional Mexican dishes such as chili, tacos, refried beans, tortillas, guacamole or burritos?  


'Frozen Kingdom'








This term Year 6 will be investigating the coldest places in the planet – no not Carlton on a frosty Monday morning – but the artic regions of the North and South poles! They will start to appreciate the vastness, the beauty and the danger of the territories as they explore its geography. They will learn about the animals who survive there under the toughest of conditions: about the delicately balanced food chains; animal adaptations that have allowed them to survive the harsh climate and wonder as a class together at the phenomena know as the Northern lights.

They will also be learning about the Titanic, what this tells us about social history, and the timeline which led ultimately to the sinking of this ship on its maiden voyage.
















Learning about the experiences of children in WW2. They had to imagine how it felt to be in an Andersen Shelter hearing the sounds of the sirens and Spitfires zooming overhead. Year 6 discovered why nations were fighting and why thousands of children made the long journey from their homes into unknown territories.

Reading Anne Frank’s diary enabled the children to share the hopes and fears of a child as she hid in a secret annex hiding with her family from storm troopers.

The children visited Kelham Island and delved further into the lives of children of a bygone era dressing as children did at the time and eating from a war time menu.





PE Sessions

Wednesdays but can pupils please ensure that they have their PE kits all week as we may do additional sessions with the class in the afternoons.

Reading at Home

This should be done every night with your child. Please remember to write in their reading record and return these to school every day.

As children are now independent readers supporting your child can now change. Children will be given some prompt questions which encourage them to reflect and ‘infer’ ideas from what they have read.  It is important that children have a regular reading slot each day as reading helps them with the development of their own writing both developing their vocabulary and understanding and use of punctuation. To support them discuss some of the ‘prompt’ questions with them. Reading out loud with your child is still of immense value as it will enable you to model reading with expression and drama. Alternatively, encourage them to read out loud to younger children in the family.

This term we will be looking at a wide variety of literature from: exploring the history of Pompeii; to the poetry of Ted Hughes and looking at the world through the eyes of a non-human form in Eye of The Wolf! Happy reading.


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Class rules/other things parents may need to know

Please ensure that your child attends every day and is on time.